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Steel forgings

Mechanical components according to drawing

Mechanical processing

Sale of mechanical components and more

CMV SRL was born in 2003 with the goal of saving time and resources to companies active in the mechanical sector.

Our team is able to supply mechanical component by drawing in any dimension and shape.

Our forty years’ experience, gained initially as sales agents (business still active), has allowed us to understand the actual need of the purchasing departments.

We’re specialized in forgings, castings and machining supplies, in any kind of material ( steel, cast iron, bronze, aluminium) in any quantity: from small batches to big lots.

Our main suppliers are based in our country Italy. Sometimes under specific customer’ exigences we produce in east Europe, India, and China through our Joint Venture.

Our warehouse, which is always available for our customers, is absolutely the strong point! It means deliveries on time and carefully checked goods by our last updated generation measures instruments. 


Steel forgings

We can supply forgings in any kind of material, carbon steel, alloy steel , stainless steel to get out any type of shape: gears, crowns, flywheels, covers, rods, pistons rods, camshafts, forks, rings, cylinders, hubs and more , from 0.2 kg to over 280 kg.
Applications areas are, agriculture and earthmoving machines, railways, petrol-chemical, transmissions and many other sectors.


Electro-upsetting forgings shafts

CMV srl is available to supply upsetting forgings items to get any kind of shaft, gears, driveshafts, mainshafts, special screws.


Forgings and free forgings

CMV srl is able to manage also production of free forgings parts in any kind of material and shape to get bars , flanges , rings, shafts

Max diameter: 3.500mm; max Length 11.000mm; max ingot: 80 Ton.


Rolled rings

Our rolled rings’ range production start from small sizes, minimum diameter 100mm and height 25mm , to large sizes , max diameter 5.000mm and max height 950mm.

Do not hesitate to send us some inquiries.


Cast iron production

Thanks to cooperation with the most moderns’ foundries we can produce castings in grey, nodular and even in ADI 900 material.

Usually, we supply fully machined cast iron items.

Please check our main production.


Lost wax/water glass production

This technology allows to get out small, medium (recently even big) items in carbon steel , alloy steel, stainless steel avoiding some  machining operation due to the precise tolerances ( + 0,1mm)  that can be reached with this process.


Aluminium die casting

Our primary mission is to satisfy our customers offering aluminium die-castings with the maximum quality related with a really good price.

All this is possible because we have full production in our plant in China. Usually, we cast your products and after we machine them in order to give you a better service.

Go on reading if you need more information.


We cooperate with some machine shops (we are also partner with two of them) in order to satisfy every kind of our client’s exigences.

All machine shops are supplied by latest generation machinery. 

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